Rj Ramesh


Our Life is nothing beyond the Experience Life is an experience of Happiness, sorrow, Peace, Good and Bad. whatever comes to you just enjoy the experience than only you will be in Peace. हम महसूस करते हैं कि हमारा जीवन मुख्यतः हमारी सोच का ही जीवन होता है। हम जिस समय जैसा सोच लेते हैं, कम से कम कुछ समय के लिए तो हमारी जिंदगी उसी के अनुसार बन जाती है। यदि हम अच्छा सोचते हैं, तो अच्छा लगने लगता है और यदि बुरा सोचते हैं, तो बुरा लगने लगता है। इस तरह यदि हम यह नतीजा निकालना चाहें कि मूलतः अनुभव ही जीवन है, तो शायद गलत नहीं होगा।

Education and Credentials

  1. Higher Secondary from R.k.Talereja College. (ulhasnagar)
  2. Diploma in Nathropath and Yogic science. (ulhasnagar)
  3. Radio Jockey Training at R.K.Raheja College (Mumbai)
  4. Bsc in Psycholgy (Annamalai University)
  5. Dynamic Yoga Training from Sneha Desai (Mumbai)
  6. Sahaj yoga Training (Mumbai)
  7. Computer Basic course from Kirtee computers (Badlapur)

Notable Achievements

  1. India Book of Record National award winner
  2. Swami VevekAnand Samman From Mumbai
  3. Swarnim Bharat Yuva Padyatra (Bikaner to Chandigardh) Daily 40 to 50 km Walking For 2Months
  4. My India Healthy India (Abu to Mumbai) one Month
  5. Ek shyam Prabhu ke Naam (Bihar) one week
  6. Yuva Metadore Rally (Mumbai to Ambernath) 15 Days
  7. Yuva Cycle Yatra (Abu Road to Bhinmal) 18 Days
  8. 12 Jyotilingam Yatra In Talengana (6 Times)
  9. Hosting a Live Show Safer Mon to Fri 4 to 5pm Radio Madbhuban 90.4FM

I was born at Ambernath a Holy Place of God Shiva. A Famous Historical Temple Name Shivmandir many People from outside come and visit and every Monday it has huge crowed. Myself with Family we also go and seat their and feel Peace. it was Near to Mumbai Dist- Thane. I was very lovely child in my Family because of my Laughing habit but also some people were Angry due to My laughing Habit. as i was growing younger i was always thinking of People who are in Pain and Poor I feel very bad when someone is bagging. as i completed my secondary education I feel that something is Missing in my life. but i cant find any answer. when i was in college my thoughts changed i think that Money is solution for everything. so i started doing part time job. but after earning money i understand that i cannot change anyone’s life i can only provide amenities such as food cloth and shelter. but life is something different and beyond this which is Missing. And one day with my friend i went to a spiritual exhibition near by our society i was impressed by the Knowledge and some thing which has been attracted the Most is Meditation. and i started learning Meditation. for some days slowly and atomically i started following the Principles of Brahmakumaris such as pure food regular Practice of Meditation and also social service (sewa) By following this i was very Happy and satisfied so i got a Mission of Transformation. yes everyone needs transformation. Than i join Brahmakumaris Mission for the past 20 years and i do free service in this Mission. Brahmakumaris has many sister concern Branches and Radio Madhuban 90.4fm is also one of them. I got a Dream to Transform the Masses A smile on every face and this is a Good platform for me so i join this and started Touching the community for Transformation.


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